Introducing the Arlington Dog Box

The Arlington Dog Box has a box within a box design with all parts made of the finest quality materials and is well constructed. 100% Eco friendly and recyclable. This Dog box will be loved by owner and animal alike.

The outer shell is diamond plated, marine grade aluminum using TIG welding and rust free riveting for construction. The Dog Box has no harmful burr corners that will harm owner or animal. The box is maintenance free, except for normal cleaning. The interior is a (HDPE) high density polyethylene liner that is practically indestructible and is used by the military in their dog boxes. This high density plastic is 0.25 inches thick providing insulation in cold & warm weather. The sealed inner box is self draining to allow liquids to drain free for each cleaning. The door to the box is see through Lexan with an adjustable vent and can be equipped with an attachable power ventilating fan unit. The fan is electric and is operable from either a 12 volt car connection, 120 volt power supply or a regular DC battery source. It can be thermostatically controlled or controlled with a simple on/off switch. The bi-swing door swings via a top stainless steel piano type hinge and can be positioned open or closed with a dead bolt. A keyed lock ensures safe travels. The dog can easily push the door open for entry and exit when in use as a kennel. We tend to position the door in its locked open position during kennel use.

A stand is available as an additional purchase.

The stand can be used in an auto to allow for 5.5″ storage underneath, or just to elevate during use in a kennel. When used in the vehicle, the space under the stand is perfect to house shells and guns when traveling. The stand is constructed from the same high quality marine grade aluminum.